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Project Management Salaries

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Project Manager

Project Management Salary Data:

0-4 years experience $53,836
5-9 years experience $70,908
10+ years experience $86,315

Project Management Salaries by Industry:

Company $75,886
Government $72,165
Hospital $76,348
College/University $64,985

Project Manager Salary data as shown by Payscale.com (2009).


If you're the type of person who's ultra-organized and likes to 'take-charge', then a career as a project manager might be right for you.

The primary duty of a project manager is to make sure deadlines are met. While they may not actually do the work, they keep watch of the employees who are and they manage them.

So a project manager ensures that the project is completed by the set deadline. As you can see from the project manager wage table above, the average project manager earns a high salary for managing people and ensuring that the project deadline is met.

Project Management Jobs What Are Their Salaries?

Project managers earn very high wages. Although you won't start out at this level, you can expect to earn an average salary well into the $70,000 per year range. However, you'll likely need a bachelor's degree in project management or at the very least a certificate to land your first job as a project manager.

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Project Management Career

A project manager is a professional within a specified field who oversees large projects, making sure the necessary materials and personnel are available to complete the job on time and on budget according to project specifications.  If you are interested in becoming a project manager, good communication skills and experience in your field are necessary.  Read on to find out if you have what it takes to become a successful project manager.

Traits needed for Project Managers:
Aside from knowledge of their field, there are several personality traits that successful project managers share.  Excellent communication skills are essential in order to be able to coordinate all members of a team.  Adaptability ensures that a project manager can quickly assess new situations and change course if necessary, along with common sense and the ability to see to the core of a problem and come up with viable solutions.

Project Manager Job Duties:
Project managers direct the work of the members of their team in order to complete a specified task.  While they have intimate knowledge of their field, they are not necessarily the “experts” of the team; their task is to oversee the entire project, determine what types of resources are needed to complete it, and see it through from beginning to end.

Project Manager Training:
Ideally, a project manager should have both a degree and a number of years of experience in his or her field.  In addition, many managers have taken courses in project management.  Often, a project manager is selected from within the ranks of a company based on demonstrated skills and knowledge.

Project Manager Job Outlook:
The employment outlook for project managers is excellent, especially in areas such as information technology and construction.  Candidates who have an MBA in addition to their practical experience are often preferred.  While salaries depend on the scope of the project and the industry, the median salary for experienced project managers in 2009 was approximately $112,000, with the lower end of the pay scale falling at around $88,000.




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Project Management Salary Data

Project Management Salaries

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Project Management Salary:

The average salary for project managers is between $63,345 to $98,967. Learn more about the project manager wages.

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